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FeatureServer (Table) applyEdits

Question asked by mauriarroqui on Sep 4, 2015



I have an issue when I call this:


featureLayer.applyEdits(null, featureToSave, null,

   function (adds, updates, deletes) {

   console.log("Assets actualizados= " + updates.length);



   function errCallback(err) {

   alert("Error =" + err)



The logs are:

//Log1 = Assets actualizados=1

//Log2 = Object {objectId: 167, success: false, error: Error: Internal error during object update.

    at Error (native)

    at p.constructor (…}


The strange thing is that before I update to version 10.3.1 (previous was 10.2.2) and  federate the arcgis server with the portal everything works fine.  Now, I remove arcgis server from the portal, but I get the same problem.


Please find attached the feature server description.

If someone can help me with this error I will appreciate.


Thanks in advance.

Mauricio Arroqui.