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Job details exists in JTX_JOBS table but not listed in the jobs lists on Workflow manager.

Question asked by TG@ArcGIS on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by TG@ArcGIS

I was working on a job in workflow manager. Upon completing one of the steps in the workflow ie "Assign job" step, it was visible in the Properties tab that the job had been assigned to another user. But the job did not show up in the job list for the other user nor did the job appear in All Jobs query list. Where did the job disappear?

I checked the JTX_JOBS and JTX_JOB_TYPES table. The record for the job exists in the table being currently assigned to the other user. I used the same query which was put for "All Jobs" query and it gave perfectly fine results in JTX_JOBs table. Why are the job list query results different from that queried from JTX_JOBS table? How can this job be retrieved to Workflow manager window?