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Display super-imposed lines next to each other (ArcGIS)

Question asked by JohannesUHL on Sep 4, 2015
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Do you know whether it is possible to make ArcGIS to display super-imposed lines next to each other?

This is my sitaution: I have one layer with lots of buslines between german cities. All the lines have Now I want to create a sort of busline-plan with ArcGIS.


For an example:
In the picture you can see a small part of the line-network. The dark green line an the yellow line show, what problem I actually have. It is exactly as it should be, except bettween the two cities "Aalen" an "Nuernberg". There it looks like, if there would be only the dark green line. In reality there the yellow line ist also running between the two cities, but its in the background - so you can´t see it. My perferenced result would look for example like this - the lines run next to each other:

There are mor than 200 lines in my network, so it isn´t possible to change the start-, end- and between-points manually.

I already tried lots of options, but none worked

Thank you very much for ideas,