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getting Graphics after STATUS.LAYER_LOADED

Question asked by orzundher on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by ebader-esristaff


I want to read the attributes of the Features on a FeatureLayer (snapshot mode) directly after the feature was loaded.

But after the feature layer was loaded i found the following problems:


if (STATUS.LAYER_LOADED == status && source == feature_layer)


     // HIER: count == 0

     int count = feature_layer.getNumberOfGraphics();






     // HIER: Throw an exception

     GraphicsLayer gl = (GraphicsLayer) feature_layer;

     int[] ids = gl.getGraphicIDs();
     for(int id : ids){

          Graphic g = gl.getGraphic(id);






where can I insert my code to use the data of the features on layer after they was loaded?


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