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Hi there,

I was really excited to see this, especially for our schools customers who want to create forms but struggle to use ArcMap to create domains within file GDBs for drop-down lists. I’ve just spent a few hours playing tinkering and I found these potentially bugs/enhancements, which I’d love to hear your feedback on so I can start showing this off to our customers!

  1. Time isn’t a true time field but instead just a string. I think it’d be great if it was a proper time field because it means something like a time-picker could be used rather than manually typing in colons and also could be used straight away for time-slider applications.
  2. I saw your comment on schema updates - please can you make it a bit clearer that if you add/change fields then you have to delete the whole application within your ArcGIS Online account? I kept republishing (because I was feeling particularly indecisive and it allowed me to press the publish button again) and the form on the app reflects the changes however when I looked at the webmap I found that underlying feature service hadn’t changed so none of the new data had been added.
  3. You can’t seem to change the thumbnail image within the Survey 123 Connect app’s settings.
  4. In the Survey 123 Connect bit, please can there be hover help as I didn’t know what each tool did so just had to guess.
  5. A little more help on the Settings tab in the documentation would be awesome as it took me ages to find how to change the default basemap

Thanks guys!