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The server returns an empty result

Question asked by eftas_dev on Sep 1, 2015

Dear all,


A (Model Builder) tool has been set up as a geoprocessing service on the server. The tool consists of Python scripts and native Model Builder functions. Unfortunately, I did not write this tool but it has to set up on the server. Furthermore, I have never worked with ArcGIS Server before and am glad of any help. In short, top conditions. (:


I have started the tool locally and then uploaded it via *Geoprocessing -> Results -> Share as Geoprocessing*. Local the tool works and writes the desired line in the table. A required parameter is GPFeatureRecordSetLayer a simple esriGeometryPoint.


If the tool is started with the submitJob() function, then I get an empty result. Furthermore, I receive no errors or warnings.


What could be the problem?

Are the Python scripts flawed?

Must the Skripe be complemented so that a result is returned?

The server must be adapted so that a table can be returned?


Best regards