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ArcGIS Online - Map - Grouping of multiple services

Question asked by Rob_ol on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by froberts

Hi all,


I am creating "themed" "out of the box" Web AppBuilder viewers using ArcGIS services created in ArcMap10.3.


I am having difficulties getting the layout that I want.


I have multiple themed services with different layers in each service. e.g. an Archaeological service with Archaeological layers, Architectural service with Architectural layers, etc., etc..


However, I would like some of these layers to be used with multiple services, e.g. I would like some of the Architectural layers to be used with the Archaeological service and vice versa.


I was hoping to use the "Map" in ArcGIS Online to be able to add the main service and then specific layers from different services and place these within the main service, (like a tree folder structure). Unfortunately, it seems like this is not possible? It only allows for services to moved up/down the list but not to be added to another service folder. Has anyone some knowledge of a way to do this?


I know I can do this by creating an mxd with all the layers needed already publishing this as a service but I do have quite a number of layers and services which are being constantly updated and for effective data/time management I would like to only use a layer once.


Below is a visual representation of what I would like: