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How to update fields in a registered view

Question asked by jason.tipton.gis on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by jason.tipton.gis

I have tables that have multiple geometries (extent, centroid, boundary,... ) so they have multiple registered views on top of them. If I need to make changes to the fields, how should I do this?


For example, I need to change the size of a text field from 32 to 60. In SQL, I would just make the change and go about my way.... In arcpy, I would:


  1. Rename the Field
  2. Add the field back with the new length
  3. Transfer the data
  4. Remove the renamed field


I'm not able to do this on the views, so I tried on the base table. Arcpy ran through and succeeded, but when I look at the COLUMN_REGISTERY table, the COLUMN_SIZE is still 32. I guess I expected with all of ArcMap's overhead, that it would figure out that it needed to update these values, but I guess it doesn't store the link from view to table, so how could it....I'm really tempted to just update those values.



I'm kind of assuming here that anytime I make a change to the base table or need to add/remove a field, I will have to:


  1. Unregister the View
  2. Make the change on the table
  3. [OPTIONAL] Make any changes on the view if necessary
  4. Re-register the view