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Straight lines in ArcMap document when export to EPS/ AI format

Question asked by abayard on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by abayard

Hello All,


I need to export high resolution EPS and/or AI files from ArcMap (300 to 600 dpi).  Unfortunately I'm finding that there are straight lines appearing in what may be more complex vector sections of the map when I look at the files in Illustrator (see screen shot). These lines don't appear when I export as a PNG either directly from ArcMap or after exporting the EPS/AI file (with the lines) to a PNG from Illustrator.


The screen shot shows a section of the Alaskan coast that is a more complex line than the ESRI boundaries, for example.  Though these lines don't appear when I export to EPS/AI using the ESRI boundaries, I would prefer to use the more complex version.


Any advice on the steps/options/format I need to make this possible would be appreciated!