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Newly configured popups become disabled in App

Question asked by AndrewsColeL on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Xiaodong_Wang-esristaff

Been searching the support docs and site but haven't seem to find this exact issue presented. I've got an app that was functioning just fine with appropriate popups. We needed to add a new layer to two of the services saved within the Portal map/app, which was completed and the service republished. The popups were adjusted accordingly on the Portal web map sourced by the app. The popups again work without fail in the web map, but now, since the update, all popups for every layer within those services are disabled and/or do not work on the app, but continue to work for the services that were not republished. If you go back to triple check the map that the app is sourcing, the popups are definitely enabled and working.


Is anyone sure what could cause the app to not be handling the layer popups correctly?


This is on 10.3 Portal web map and Web AppBuilder app.