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Is it a good idea to use AGOL basemap with GPS in Collector?

Question asked by simo on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2015 by simo

Hi there,


I am thinking of using Collector to collect data in the field, but I am not sure what base map I should use.


ESRI provides lots of base maps with great cartography, but my concern is the projection. as you know, those ESRI base maps  (maybe not all of them) are using Web Mercato Auxiliary Sphere (WKID: 102100)  which used to be a very controversial projection (Google/Bing maps started using it) and is not very accurate. although it's well accepted by the GIS industry now, I am wondering whether or not it will cause problems when using GPS in the Collector?


I don't know what kind of GPS  my users will have on their devices, but we know all the GPS will use WGS84 datum. Web Mercato Auxiliary Sphere is using the same datum, will this guarantee there won't be any accuracy loss when displaying the GPS locations on the map? we don't really care about the accuracy to the true location, only relative accuracy to the map matters.


I did some test using my phone, the result is not too bad, but don't know if that's just a individual case, or it's guaranteed to be working on other devices as well.


I am in Australia, the most popular projections in my work are GDA1994_MGA (283xx) and GDA1994 Lambert (3017)