Icons are too small in ArcMap Windows 8

Discussion created by donaldjshaw7 on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2019 by beddy35

Hello everyone! I am new to the GIS world, and especially new to the ArcMap application. I have ran into some issues with the icons being astronomically small, so small, that I have to lean in an read them just an inch or two from my face! I have read that it may because I have an advanced graphics setting, and that there may not be a work around, but I doubt that a simple situation like this can not be fixed!


I am running Windows 8.1. Attached is a screen shot of what I see...


Note that under "Add Data," the icons are very small... Also, under the Table of Contents, just above Layers, the icons are too small to see. The same goes for the drawing tool. Please help!


Update: I am already running ArcMap to "disable display scaling on high DPI settings."