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How to serve 2Tb of image data

Question asked by Gagag on Aug 26, 2015
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In my current project there are about 2Tb of image data that is required to be served for viewing purpose. The client viewer would be web based ArcGIS server client. There will be few users using ArcGIS Desktop accessing this data via web services. Most of the date is in Binary GRID format but there is some in GeoTIFF as well as MrSID. There no edit operations on this and we can safely assume that they all are in the same projection system. Also, initially there will be no analysis performed on this dataset. There will be 50 users accessing this data from world-wide locations.


I have technology question on this that I hope some can comment on. What is the best and optimal (from performance point of view) way to serve this data? Would ArcGIS Image Extension be useful in this scenario? Should the raster data be kept in a file system or hould be stored in a geodatabase? I need some inputs on the ESRI technologies to consider along with the high level technical / system architecture. Also, any comments on the corresponding costs would also be welcome.