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Feature service requires a registered database

Question asked by steveburdette on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by kmsagis

I have recently upgraded to ArcServer 10.3 (from 10.2.2), and have since been unable to publish a web service with any new enterprise geodatabases that I've created.  I create the new database using the "Create Enterprise Geodatabase" option under Data Management Tools in ArcCatalog.  I am using a SQL Server login that is has administrator rights on the SQL Server.  After the geodatabase is successfully created I register the database successfully with the server.  I then create a feature class, add it to a map, and attempt to "Share As...Service from the ArcMap menu.  In the analyze phase of the service dialog I continue to get "Feature service requires a registered database" even though I can open up the server data store manager and successfully validate the new database (and all of my other databases). 


I am using the same SQL Server login to create the database and the ArcCatalog database connection that accesses the feature class.  Any ideas on what else I need to take a look at?