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Bind markers to collection of custom class instances

Question asked by nchaigneaud on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by NManocha-esristaff

Hi everybody,


I'm working on a c#/wpf application that has one custom class corresponding to places.

This class named ClassPlace contains 2 properties :

- double lat

- double lng


I have an observable collection of ClassPlace and an ArcGis map. I'd like to sync this collection with markers on the map : foreach each instance of ClassPlace, I need to have a marker on the map at the corresponding latitude and longitude. And I need its postion to be updated on the map when latitude or longitude are modified...


Do you know how I could implement this ? I'm not looking for a complete solution but just a global approch.

For information, I absolutely need to use my c# collection as data source.

IT was very easy to do with the sdk of bing maps but I did not find with ArcGis SDK...


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Have a nice day.