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Survey 123 Issues - Images, Feature Service

Question asked by Ronald.Knepper_AtkinsNA on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by Ronald.Knepper_AtkinsNA

I created my own first survey from scratch to learn a little more.  I notice a few issues and I can not figure out what is wrong.


Images - In testing the images on selection choices I added a separate jpg image for each option.  In Connect everything looks fine but once it is published and I look at it on my IPad some of the choices show an image while others do not.  I'm not really sure why, they are all jpg and all are about the same size?  Those bold, underlined below are the ones that do not show on the IPad

hardwaretypeLampPostLamp PostStreet_lamp_post.jpg
hardwaretypeStopLightStop LightTrafficLight.jpg
hardwaretypeSignStreet Signsign.jpg
SignTypeStopStop Signstop.jpg
SignTypeRoadRoad Signstreet.jpg
SignTypeYieldYield Signyield.jpg
SignTypeWrongWayWrong Way Signone.jpg


Feature Service - Ok this one is confusing too.  I created all the items below and published them.  Everything shows up to be collected and submits without any issues.  When I goto AGO or the survey123 site to review my results the survey data only shows the geopoint and user data below.  Why does the feature class not have all of the items in the survey?


Fields set up


noteIntoThis survey is an example of the
  capabilities of Survery 123.  It is a
  example demo for hardware inspections.
begin repeatInspectRepeat
barcodebarcodeScan Barcode if available.
select_one hardwaretypeHardwareSelect the type of hardware being
select_one SignTypesigntypeSelect the type of sign being inspected.
select_one yes_noDamageIs there any visible damage to the
imagephotoTake a photo of the hardware
videovideoVideo all damage to hardware
audioaudioRecord the Siren sound
geopointLocationSelect the hardware location.
end repeatInspectRepeat


Fields shown as collected after submission