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Creating Reports from feature attributes - Should I use excel, report wizard, access?

Question asked by Tiaman on Aug 25, 2015

I'm trying to create a series a reports from a geodatabase feature class I've created.  The FC is based off a parcels feature that has some extra fields I've created joined to it. My features has about 350 parcels total, but this will be further broken down into 4-5 groups.


My issue is that while I've printed out my fair share of excel sheets, I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to creating professional reports. And the report I need to create has around 14 different fields that need to be on it, so I'm trying to avoid creating an excel sheet report that is 11 x 17 landscape just to try and squeeze all the columns in.


I've been playing around with report wizard in arcgis and pivot tables in excel but I still can't get exactly what I want. Here is an example of what I've come up with using report wizard:



In this example, the records are grouped by Owner Name. Owner Name and the owner address info is shown at the top, while the parcel record info is indented beneath it for each parcel sharing the same owner. While this is close to what I'd like, report wizard breaks my records up in between pages, which I can't figure out how to prevent.


So my basic question is - What tool/program should I be using when I need to create reports from features that have a lot of fields? Also, feel free to critique my amateur design


(ps: I don't have crystal reports and have never used it, is this what I need to be looking into?)