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Busy indicator won't go away

Question asked by anders.hillstromesri-se-esridist Employee on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by aarondlowe

I have downloaded 1.2 version of AppBuilder Developer Edition. When I create an application for the first time everything works perfect. The second time the Map loads but the “busy indicator” is still showing and won’t go away. Some functionality stops working. If I then clear the browser cache the application works fine again the first time and the second time I run the application the “busy indicator” starts showing again and won’t go away. Has anyone else seen this and know why this is happening?

In the developer tools console (F12) it shows 8 errors: “Error: multipleDefine” that is not there the first time when the cache is cleared and everything is ok.

I get one more error: “Error: declare dijit.form.DataList: base class is not a callable constructor.Error: declare dijit.form.DataList: base class is not a callable constructor.”