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ArcGIS Online oAuth2 Permissioning

Question asked by deleted-user-RAnWn8DDSd1P on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by simo

Using our organization's admin user I created an application to get clientId and clientSecret so I can fetch a token and query our portal.  I'm finding though that the token is no good for querying private groups created and owned by the very same user.  Only items shared public are returned from these URLs.


no private groups returned:<ownerName>&f=json&token=<token>


no item returned:<privateGroupId>&f=json&token=<token>


Shouldn't these be returning the private items?  The docs state Application Authentication has the capability of "Read Content Owned by User [1] The “user” is the user who created the application.


UPDATE: So it turns out the token is good for this request, but the requests that return any group results do not have private items included<privateWebMapId>/data?f=json&token=<token>