Spatial Join Tool : does not work; slow as glaciers;

Discussion created by joincto on Aug 24, 2015
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I am going to try  not to fill this post with expletives.


Preliminaries: ArcGIS 10.3.1 running on latest 2015 MacBook Pro using Parallels, Windows7, 8G memory, no other user level processes running.

Using: Arc Toolbox => Analysis Tools => Overlay => Spatial Join   to join points(715 features) to polygons(469 features)

The two datasets have the same coordinate system, although the point dataset has a join, and the polygon dataset

has a giant number of fields because it was originally Business Analyst dataset, but which was pared down to

the geographic region of interest


The tool fires up. I enter the name of the target feature dataset (polygons). Then name of join features.... 205 seconds later the tool acknowledges the name of the dataset (no work yet mind you, just to respond that I entered the name of a dataset).

Then I wish to join 1:1 and to merge features of the point dataset. So I delete all the features which cannot meaningfully be joined.

Each deletion takes about 10 seconds to register for a net total of 270 seconds.

Then the remaining 4 features Itell it to aggregate as a mean. Another 20 odd seconds.

I enter the name of the output dataset -- incredible, it seems to respond almost immediately; what can be wrong?

I have now spent 495 seconds just to enter the data.


I now hit the run button. It executes, I get the usual progress dialogue at the screen bottom, and within a few seconds the tool finishes

claiming to have run without error. Only, there is no output dataset created.


There is a word for software like this, which decorum dictates that I had best not use.

I have had the misfortune to have been required to use ArcGIS for years;

have lost count of the number of bugs personally reported; grown

old looking at a spinning blue wheel while the product seemingly does nothing.

The tool did not work, already bad, but what kind of software

engineering underlies a user interface that takes 10 minutes to specify

a handful of data items?



The behavior of this tool is replicable.


There, I got to the end without using any 4 letter words.

Now I can go out and relieve by feelings by giving the cat a good kick.