ArcGlobe Extent

Discussion created by rohanreddy on Nov 11, 2010
Iam trying to build WPF windows application using ArcGlobe Below is the code for ZoomIn functionality using Active View,zooming is working properly.but my need is i need to capture the Globe Extent but always im getting same values as -89,-179,-79,-169 as MinX,MinY,MaxX,MaxY respectively.

is there any other way to do this ?

//Zoomin Code using Active View
double vfa = 0;
m_Camera = m_ActiveView.Camera;
vfa = m_Camera.ViewFieldAngle;
m_Camera.ViewFieldAngle = vfa * 0.9; //vfa * 1.1 for Zoomout

IActiveView actview = globeControl.Globe as IActiveView;

MinX = actview.Extent.XMin;
MinY = actview.Extent.YMin;
MaxX = actview.Extent.XMax;
MaxY = actview.Extent.YMax;