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Working with Builder while hosting StoryMaps template - where are changes stored?

Question asked by wuen0609 on Aug 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by SSylvia-esristaff

I downloaded a StoryMaps Application that I had already built using the Story Maps Builder through ArcGIS Online, partly so I could add more accordion tabs than the maximum limit of 30. I passed the AppID to the index.html and then am temporarily hosting it on a Dropbox account. I ultimately want to host it on a government web server, but the application will need to be approved by a few parties before that can happen. I would like to continue to use Builder (by adding the URL parameter 'edit' to the Dropbox address), however I'm not really sure how this works. Where are the additional accordion tabs (linked to web maps) stored? I added a few example accordion tabs and I don't see them listed on the ArcGIS online account or anywhere where the template files are hosted (I know very little about websites and webhosting). I want to make sure that any additional maps I add to the template will not be lost once I migrate the files to their final resting place on a government server.


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