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Modifications to CKEditor / InlineMedia Functionality (Map Journal)

Question asked by Striewski on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Striewski

For Map Journal I'd like to  enrich the side panel content with additional functionality, e.g. a mark or report function for the user to highlight specific sections or tour points.

If I understand correctly, media types are first configured for both stages (common/builder/media) and the media object (Youtube Video, URL Image etc) is than added by the inline media function (storymapsInlineMedia/plugin.js ?) and (tpl/builder/addedit/viewText ?) to ckeditor and posted afterwards to the side panel.

Now what if I just want to add small self defined scripts or html elements to the InlineMedia so that they are available to the end user through the ckeditor. As such items should not be used for the main stage, is it necessary to create a whole new media class to follow the processing flow of e.g. images or webpages or can I directly code all necessary attributes to a new item accessible by ckeditor and store these modifications in the Map Journal template?


Hope this makes sense!