errors in projection after map algebra

Discussion created by trinityorlando on Nov 11, 2010
I have a landuse file in TIFF format that I have been trying to update.  The landuse in one area of the TIFF will be changing based on forest being cleared for new construction.  My goal is to update the TIFF in ArcMap and then export the updated TIFF file so that it can be used in AERSUFACE, an executable developed by the EPA to calculate surface parameters based on the landuse. 

I had no problems updating the file, but for some reason the projection is slightly off such that AERSURFACE is not looking at the right location in the TIFF file.  I made sure that the data frame was set to the same coordinate system, and that the extent and cell size were all set to the original TIFF file before using raster calculator or reclassify.  When I compare both files in ArcCatalog the spatial data is identical (i.e., projection, datum, extent, cell size, etc.) and visually in ArcMap the files match up perfectly.  Can you think of anything that might cause the projection information saved in the exported TIFF not to match the original file, even though ArcCatalog shows they are identical?  I even tried just adding zero to each cell in raster calculator (no landuse changes) and exporting the TIFF to make sure the landuse changes weren't off, but this confirmed that something is incorrect with the projection or coordinate system.

I forgot to mention, I have ArcView 9.3.1.