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Trouble Activating Education Version of ArcGis 10.2.1 Desktop Advance Single Use

Question asked by eniels on Aug 20, 2015

Howdy all,


I currently am using an education version of ArcGIS 10.2.1 Desktop Advance Single Use. I originally started using the program last year, and it is now time to renew the license. I was sent a provisioning file by the IT guy in our group. I went through the authorization wizard successfully according to the program. However, when I try to open ArcMap it still says I am not authorized. I check the availability tab in the ArcGIS Administrator and it shows all of the software packages are valid and updated, but not ArcGIS Desktop Advance. I have attached a screen capture of that tab. I also checked in the provisioning file and there is an authorization number for Desktop Advance. Does anyone know what to do to correct this issue? This is the first time I have renewed the education edition license and am not sure if there is something obvious I am missing. Thank you for your help!