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Logo missing colors when exporting to large map

Question asked by bem08c on Aug 20, 2015
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Hi all,


Recently my organization adopted a new sleeker logo. I already went through a bit of a hassle because the logo was provided to us as a .png with a transparent background, and ArcMap only supports background transparencies in .emf format. Since i don't have illustrator or photoshop we found someone to convert to a .emf with a transparent background, and since then everything had been fine until today. For some odd reason, when exporting a map with this new logo to a small 8x11 size jpeg or pdf everything goes fine. However, when i set my map size to 36x48 and export to pdf two of the colors in the logo disappear.....

I have no idea why this is happening


* things ive noticed so far - The two colors that disappear are also the top two shapes on the logo, meaning that when they disappear there isn't a white space, the space is filled with the color of the shape behind it.


any help would be appreciated.