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ArcScene 3D Model Importation with several texture files

Question asked by Duvul03 on Aug 19, 2015

Hey everyone,


I'm transferring 3D .wrl models from Agisoft's photoscan, into Arc Scene. I can transfer them in fine, but due to the limitations on texture resolution within Arc Scene I can only import models with texture resolutions of 4096x4096 pixels. For my purposes I would love to get in models with textures built out of ~20 jpg files.


The problem I am running into is that ArcScene only recognizes textures with names that are identical to the .wrl model. Thus when I import the models, only 1/20th of the model will have texture, because I can only name one jpg identical to the model.


Does anyone know a workaround that would allow ArcScene to import more than one texture file, with a single 3D file?