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Problem in Character Marker Symbol with Halo Mask in ArcMap 10.3

Question asked by cal.gis8086 on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by cal.gis8086

I found that the unwanted mask outline will be displayed in Character Marker Symbol in ArcGIS 10.3 even if the ZERO value is set in outline width of Halo mask  when the size of mask is smaller than 0.1.

My settings on ArcMap are shown as below:

Data Frame Properties:

In General tab,

Map > Meters

Display > Meters

Reference Scale > 1:1000 (Reference Scale must be set)

Label Engine > Standard Label Engine

In Symbol Property Editor> Character Marker tab

Type: Character Marker Symbol

Font: ESRI Default  Marker

Subset: Basic Latin

Size: 8


Unicode:69 (means Cross symbol)


In Symbol Property Editor> Mask tab,

Style: Halo

Size: 0.2 or smaller , e.g. 0.1


After I used the setting shown as above, the unwanted grey mask outline will be displayed even if I set the outline width to be zero and outline color to be white in color. For details, you may refer to the attached print-screen.


Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.