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Using ArcGIS Online hosted basemap tiles in MotionX GPS app

Question asked by pclark on Aug 19, 2015

I found examples of how the Esri World Topo Map can be used in the MotionX GPS app on an iPhone.  The example uses the following format:[Z]/[Y]/[X]



I tried to copy the format by using a county cached basemap's REST end point and adding tiles/[Z]/[Y]/[X]


MotionX will not display the tiles, example:



(Waconia, MN would bring you to the approximate center of the county basemap.)


I noticed when you tack /tiles on the end of the REST enpoint for each map in a browser the results are different.  Any Ideas when comparing the two services why the county basemap will not display and the Esri basemap will?  Does VS shed any light on the issue.





The following are the REST endpoints: