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new WAB de version 1.2 - fails to import Apps (zip)

Question asked by mike.robb on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by mike.robb

Hi all and ESRI Team!


I thought I was going crazy.. but I confirmed that 1.1 has no issues.

If I download a created App in 1.2 Developer Edition.   Unzip it... do nothing to it... rezip.  The Import either fails or spins endlessly.

I had made some changes to an already .zip file and tried to import which also failed, thinking it was something mis-configured, but I did nothing to a sample download zip as mentioned, still failed.


I then spun up version 1.1 and did the same simple test.  download an app... Unzip, do nothing... rezip... Import ... worked.

Has anyone else had these issues or can confirm?