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The Age of Megacities Storymap template

Question asked by johnmdye on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by SSylvia-esristaff

We really liked the context-map built into the top left corner of the Age of Megacities storymap and wanted to take this story map, customize it a little further and use it as a template for a recurring delivery.


I found the AGOL item for it which indicated it was a customization of the Journal Map app, so I pulled the source for the Journal Map app from Git. Next, I went and grabbed the index.html source code for the Age of Megacities story map through Chrome's view page source and placed that in a new HTML file, 'customized_index.html' and placed that in the root of the Journal Map App. I then deployed it to my webserver and brought up the page but the context-map and feature layer do not show.


It looks like there might be some differences between the viewer-min.css file in the Journal Map app and the customized Age of Megacities story map viewer-min.css. Can someone from the @StoryMapsTeam help me out here and provide the full source?