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Anyone having these issues with WAB on AGOL?

Question asked by monaGIS2013 on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by monaGIS2013

1.  If adding layers individually from service you can configure transparency but if adding all layers at once there is no configure option.

2.  The above but labels on a layer do not appear.

3.  If adding a featurelayer for search service, there is no configuration for popup to show only specific attributes.

4.  There is no way to configure background color of splash screen.

5.  If Object ID is not visible in mxd it still appears as attribute but even if not checked in configuration for popup it still displays in popup.

6.  The TOC/Treeview (if adding layers as a group as opposed to individually) remains collapsed with no option to expand automatically showing layers.