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GP Service Processing Help

Question asked by meperko on Aug 17, 2015

Hi. I'm trying to create a geoprocessing service in ArcGIS Server and it is not returning the expected results.  It could be in the script/deployment or it could be something in our server configuration.  So, I'm hoping someone can provide some information about what is happening behind the scenes on Server during the processing so I can start looking in the right place for the problem.


Here’s what I know so far. The gp service is comprised of a simple script (attached).  I am able to execute it successfully locally.  Publishing to ArcGIS Server runs without any errors.  The service is published with defaults except “Uploads” and “View results with a map service” are toggled on.  Executing the GP service through ArcMap does not produce any errors. In fact, the service returns a feature data set, but it is empty.  However, if it matters, the jobs folder on the server contains the generated feature classes.


So, it seems like a disconnect between what the gp service generates and what the map service uses and returns.  But, I have no idea.


Any help is very much appreciated.