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How to display a photo, collected from the field, inside the popup without clicking on the photo link

Question asked by tselvidge on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by ngoorman

I would like to enable my popup to display a photograph that was taken in the field without having to click on the attachments' link and open a new window. I have my layer enabled to allow attachments, take photos and display the links to the photos in the popup. Currently, within Portal, I have created a map with a feature layer containing a raster field ({photo}) to hold the attachment photo url. In Portal I can attach images and copy the url to the raster field ({photo}). I have configured the popup to take the data in the raster field and display it. 

Photo config popup.jpg Photo config popup disply.jpg


Two problems occur when I try to use the raster field and technique in Collector itself.

1) The raster field {photo} disappears entirely as if it never existed.

2) The link for the photo cannot be copied and subsequently pasted into the (missing) raster field.


I have searched around and cannot find information about how to solve this problem.


Any advice on how to solve the problems will be appreciated.