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Server Feature Replica generation failing

Question asked by pat.numainville on Aug 17, 2015



We are running into some issues when trying to create a feature service replica (initiated by ArcGIS Runtime). I need to confirm still if the features have related data from the land base as that is what the error seems to suggest but that still doesn't explain why this error is occurring. I haven't been able to locate any server output files that may relate to this data.



The generation process ran for about 4 minutes before hitting this error:


ExtractingRelatedObjects' >ExtractingRelatedObjects

GeoDBReplication::CreateSyncReplica' >Extracted data in the Sqlite Workspace.</Msg>

GeoDBReplication::CreateSyncReplica' >Generated GPSyncReplica: Ags_Fs on the Server Workspace. Re-attempt# 0.

FdbWorkspace::RegisterSyncReplica' >Replica with name: GGG_LANDBASEREADONLY.Ags_Fs already exists. Aborting the transcation.

GeoDBReplication::CreateSyncReplica' >Error while Registering GPSyncReplica: Ags_Fs on the Server Workspace. Re-attempt# 0.


Any one else run into something similar?