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geometry.isOriented and even issue on roofs.

Question asked by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist

My first question is, that I would like to sort the roof splits by orientation, so I would like to know which roof sides that are orientated south, to know which roof sides to assign sun panels on, for further visualization and analyzing.

I have create the simple rule, so geometry.isOriented(world.south) should turn red. This seems only to have an impact on roofs with a little more complexity than a simple rectangular building. So why is that, And how could I filter out the south roofs probably? This is only the case, when the roofs are on top of an extrusion. If the created directly on the ground, it works as expected, I’m guessing the orientation get’s confused at some point 








comp(f) {top : Next | all : NIL}


roofGable(45,0,0,true) Next2




comp(f) {horizontal : X.  | aslant :  Next4}








case geometry.isOriented(world.south) : color(1,0,0)

case geometry.isOriented(world.north) : color(1,.8,0)

case geometry.isOriented(world.east) : color(1,0,1)

case geometry.isOriented(world.west) : color(0,0,0)

else : color (.5,.5,.5)




My second question is about a roof gable with more complexity than the rectangular building, is resulting in 1 gable is finish as the gableroof, but the other is a hiproof, and as you may see, only a part of the roof is orientated world.north. I think this worked for me in the pass, by using the even function, set to true, but this has no effect at all. The purple faces, in this case orientated east, shoulp, from my point of view, be gables.

Around 60% af all my buildings are gable roofs, and almost all has a little entrance or something poking out of the facades, which is resulting in a lot of odd looking buildings.