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Synchronizing change between replica feature classes need consistent GlobalID. I need to convert GUID to GlobalID field.

Question asked by UpTrendGIS on Aug 15, 2015

I have some questions about synchronizing change between replica feature classes. I have a sde feature class which does not have GlobalID, so I added GlobalID to it, and create dataset replica in another database, but I need to update that feature class daily by using the shapefile I download. I can join them based on another unique ID to get GlobalID from the current feature class, however, when I export it, the GlobalID field has been converted to GUID. I guess synchronization needs GlobalID instead of any other unique field. I need to convert GUID to GlobalID field.Is it possible using Python to do it? I saw the post about using C# and VB.

The post link:


In addition, is it possible to use python to remove exclusive lock on feature classes? Thanks.