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ArcGIS Online and attachments

Question asked by kkeough on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by Ronald.Knepper_AtkinsNA

We are using AGOL to host feature services, which are being edited/updated in the field using Collector. Collector is also used to add photo attachments to the feature service. I will be doing QA/QC on the field collected data and using the data and attachments to create reports in ArcGIS Desktop. I was hoping I could do this using the following steps:


1. From AGOL, Open (the Feature Layer) in ArcGIS for Desktop.

2. Create a local copy for editing.

3. Carry out QA/QC, making edits as necessary.

4. Synchronize local edits with AGOL.

5. Use the data and photo attachments to create a report.


I've run into some issues with this process, primarily wiht respect to the handling of attachments. It appears that when I Open in ArcGIS for Desktop (from AGOL), the attachments don't seem to come along with it (even though when I use the identify tool on the feature it shows that there is an associated attachment). I've come across similar issues when I look through the forums and have seen suggestions to download to fGDB as an alternative. That seems to work for bringing along the attachment. However, when I then do my edits and attempt to overwrite the existing feature layer in AGOL (from ArcMap...File>>Share as>>Service...Overwrite an existing service) with the edited fGDB. AGOL seems to simply add the edited fGDB as a new service, making it necessary to adjust the webmap (used in ArcGIS Collector) containing the original feature layer everytime new data is added (ie. new layer has to be symbolized, etc. every day).


Doe anyone know a way to Open in ArcGIS for Desktop (from AGOL) with attachments intact, or to overwrite the orinal feature layer with the edited fGDB?