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Edit to a locked dataset in SDE

Question asked by johanlei@qq on Aug 14, 2015

Hello world,


I am new to arcgis server.

I got a question, I made a mistake that imported a non-versioned layer to a versioned dataset in SDE, then I faced a very critical problem.

From the help document, I know that I cannot edit the data if there are versioned and non versioned layers inside one dataset, and actually i tried to edit but not succeed due to the table schema lock issues, because some layers in the dataset have been published to ArcGIS web services (REST), and due to the policy of company, I am not able to switch off the ArcGIS server.


So, I am asking for help, is there a way that I am able to delete the non-versioned layer from an versioned dataset which is published to web services without turn off the SOM?


I am using:

ArcGIS Server 10.0

Oracle 10g


Thanks a lot.