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Using Maximize Capacitated Coverage Effectively

Question asked by jquintana512 on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by jsandhu-esristaff

Hey everyone! I am currently trying to use the maximize capacitated coverage problem solver of location-allocation to allot a study area population to emergency shelters. I have a layer of approximately 250 shelters, all of which have a capacity as large as 800 and as small as 10. My study area is quite large; at present I have 1268 census block group cetroids. Obviously each demand point contains a multitude of census data such as raw population. I would like to allocate population to the shelter that is closest by drive time, but am having trouble because the demand points cannot be apportioned to the facility, it's all or nothing. My end result is very unrealistic because most shelters reach all the way out into rural areas where the demand point's population is small, bypassing literally thousands of others who would reach the shelter first.


How can I rectify this? From the other posts in the forum it would appear I may have to break up the demand points into smaller populations. If so, how do I want to go about this? Create Random Points where the population contained in the census block group is the number of points created inside the block group polygon?


Thanks in advance for any insight you may have. I'm at all total loss!