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Check Geoprocessing Service SDE Connection Status

Question asked by sarahclark on Aug 13, 2015

In a nutshell: Is there a way to check if a geoprocessing service has been disconnected from an SDE, and then reconnect it if so?


I am trying to work around this bug: NIM072515 - 'Provide option to enable schema locking property for a geoprocessing service.'


I have a geoprocessing service published to the server (Data Extract) which puts a lock on the SDEs from which data is extracted (no option to disable schema locking like there is for a map service). This schema lock means that I cannot add/delete fields and change other 'schema' aspects of a feature without right-clicking the SDE in ArcCatalog --> Administration --> Administer Geodatabase and deleting the server connections causing the schema lock from the geoprocessing service.


However when I do that, the Data Extract task runs from the web map but returns empty, no data. I believe because it was disconnected from the SDE.


What I would like to do in my new data download script using arcpy is:

  1. Before download, check if the service has been disconnected from the SDE
  2. Reconnect to SDE when necessary


Thanks for any tips!