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How to fix the default date on Quick Report apps?

Question asked by mrcashen on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by mrcashen

My question relates more to the feature service you use when you create a quick report app. If you have a date field set up for your feature service then the default date in the app is always the current date. That would be fine, however, when the user doesn't change the date it becomes December 31, 1969 in your feature service. I know this has to do with Unix Time and that when the user doesn't go into the calendar the default date becomes 0(or December 31, 1969). While I do have a problem with that, I understand that's how its currently set up. My biggest issue is that by making the default date already set to the current date then the majority of users will not go into the calendar to reselect that date. So how can I make the date field blank or some arbitrary date that will implore more users to actually go into the calendar and set the date manually?