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How do I use code to format fields in edit and default pop-ups?

Question asked by bkeinath on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by bkeinath

Hi all,


I'm attempting to fix a number formatting issue in the edit pop-up in a web appbuilder application.  The application seems to ignore my format code (probably because I'm doing it wrong).  I would like the numbers to display without the thousand separator but I'm not able to make changes appear when I edit the config_Edit.json file.  Is it being over-ridden by something else in the code?  Any ideas would be helpful.


I would also like this in the default pop-up without having to edit the pop-up in ArcGIS Online.  Pure laziness on my part; I already need to make application code changes and hitting the pop-ups is easier for me than using the AGOL user interface.

  1. { "fieldName": "ACCOUNTNUMBER"
  2.   "label": "Account Number"
  3.   "format":{ 
  4.   "places": 2
  5.   "digitSeparator": false 
  6.           }, 
  7.   "isEditable": true 
  8. },