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Create an editable county map of Liberia

Question asked by Lindej342 on Aug 13, 2015
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I am a new intern at an NGO that has asked me to project data onto a map of Liberia. I am trying to create a map of Liberia that identifies the 15 counties within Liberia. Once I do so, I want to be able to color-coordinate the counties based on where each county is on a certain scale (e.g. doctor visits per capita, with the most being deep red, the least being pale pink, and all the other counties in between). I would like to display several variables (I think I can do this with layers...?)


I am new to ArcGIS and have been struggling. The only step I have done is download some maps of Liberia that I can't seem to edit or add the layers I want. Any help would be enthusiastically appreciated!!


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