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Recommendations for DEV, TEST, and PROD environments in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by geonb_bernie on Aug 12, 2015
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     we currently manage our own ArcGIS servers and publish numerous map services to the Public.  Back in 2009 when we launched our ArcGIS Server map services the Flex Viewer was the only tool that met our needs for publishing web maps.  We have published many Flex Viewer apps since 2009.  Our server environment includes DEV servers, TEST servers, and PROD servers.  Our Flex Viewer apps must pass through the DEV and TEST stages before we can move them to the PROD servers and make them available to the Public.

     We plan to abandon the Flex Viewer and migrate to ArcGIS Online hosted map templates or Web App Builder.  Our IT department tells me we still need to maintain a DEV, TEST, PROD cycle for deploying map viewers to the Public.  My question is "How can I replicate or simulate a DEV, TEST, and PROD environment within our ArcGIS Online subscription?? Can I do this with groups or is there a more robust method?