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Laplace Finite Difference Equation as a Tool

Question asked by hziegle1 on Aug 12, 2015
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I'm working on my master's thesis and would like to create a groundwater model from well data, so that I can eventually estimate the amount of nitrogen that loads into a nearby estuary through groundwater discharges from septic tanks. There is a formula, called the laplace equation, that defines head in groundwater. A version of this equation, called the laplace finite difference equation is used iteratively to calculate groundwater head if you have some known values of the water table and set up boundary conditions. I was wondering if this is available as a tool for ArcGIS? The governing equation looks like this:


hi,j = (hi+1,j + hi-1,j + hi,j+1 + hi,j-1)/4


where h is the value on a scalar field and i is the column and j is the row of the field.


Thank you