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Configuring the new search widget

Question asked by mattias_j on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Desfam22

I like the new search widget and the possibility to configure different sources. But there's some configurations I can't find, I don't know if I'm missing something or if it's just not possible (when using AGOL and not the developer version)...
If I remember correctly you could configure the search result, the graphics and the pop ups in the previous version. Now I can't find where to do that.

And another thing is that you can specify a placeholder text for each source (Layer/geocoder), but I can't find how to change the default placeholder text that shows when you search all the layer. I'm stuck with "Find address or place".

Just an example:

I set up my search to three different feature layers, restaurants, hotels and cafes. I can specify the placeholder text for each one of them if the user choose to click the arrow and pick just one it's fine, but by default when searching all the layers the placeholder text will be "Find address or place" which really doesn't make any sense.