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Client Printing Off Centered (Samples Application)

Question asked by jparfitt on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by jparfitt

I'm printing from the Samples Application and I get different results depending on what printer I used, I've been trying to integrate this code into my own application but have been having the same problem.


My HP printer offcenters everything about 25 pixels to the left (the map runs off the page to the left).

My PDF (Print Primo) offcenters everything about 50 pixels to the right (the map runs off the page to the right).

The Windows XPS Document generator prints everything perfectly (map is right in the center).


The temporary work around is to print to the XPS document generator then send it to the printer, but I would like find another work around. Has anyone had similar problems? If I try to fix it on one printer it just messes up another.


Thank you in advance.