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Zonal Statistics as Table - Missing Zones

Question asked by jackvoelkel on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Dan_Patterson

Hi all, first time poster here!


I'm currently running zonal statistics as table on 126 different raster layers. The 'zones' are also a raster. The cells are all snapped, the datums/projections are the same, and I can actually get SOME results in my table... however not all.


Out of ~1.4 million zones, I get 90k results using a unique ID field. Because there are actually 10 different zone files, I needed a unique ID for each zone, so these zone #'s get up to ~13.4 million. When I use the VALUE field (unique within each data set, however not unique within all 10 data sets), i get all of the results returned. I calculated this field within the raster attribute table after the raster was already created, if that helps at all.


Any ideas of how to make this work? I've already tried converting to a shapefile (same, ~90k polygons), using the "Lookup" Spatial Analyst tool (only gives me ~80k zones in the new raster), and screaming.