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Caching only display subset of original ArcMap

Question asked by GISRquan on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by GISRquan

I've created a layer in ArcMap and set my Cache from County (10) to Building (19) in the Service Editor.

I publish the Layer to AGOL and add it to a map.

Only some of the tiles are being displayed when I zoom in rather than the full extent of the original Layer.  As I zoom out, I see additional areas.  Is there a configuration setting that must be set to see the entire extent at all levels?


This is my map in ArcMap - City and County of Denver




Here are my Caching Parms. I also set it at full extent.



Here are my results.  I expect all of the tiles to fill the screen regardless of the scale that I am viewing.



As always, thanks to all for your responses.  My learning is accelerated through your generous contributions of time and knowledge!